PhD Disputes

A PhD is the highest academic qualification you can obtain in the UK which takes years of hard work , research and dedication. PhD students may face a number of issues during their time at univeristy including:

  • Conflict with their supervisor(s)
  • Lack of appropriate support/supervision
  • Allegations of academic misconduct
  • Issues during their viva voce
  • Failure following resubmission
  • Awarded an MPhil instead of a PhD

If you are facing any of the above issues, it is important to consider the best possible route to resolving your issues whether it be a formal complaint, appeal or complaint to the OIA.

Regardless of the type of action you take, it is essential to provide evidence to support your case which may include:

  • The universityโ€™s own regulations, rules and policies
  • Minutes of any meetings
  • Correspondence between relevant individuals
  • Pre-viva reports
  • Medical evidence
  • Any supportive external guidance (e.g. OIA)

Our higher education law experts appreciate that PhD students spend years of hard work undertaking research and pay significant fees to their universities. Our dedicated PhD solicitors are here to support you with:

Contact our University PhD Advice Line today on:

  • Call: 03333 44 34 84

The University PhD Advice is a free service during which our university lawyers will:

  • Consider the best path to success
  • Explain how they can help and provide details of our services offered
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