International Students

International Students Welcome to Education Legal Advice, your trusted partner in navigating the legal aspects of education for International students. We understand that studying abroad can be an exciting yet challenging time and we are here to make sure that your time in the UK is a positive experience. Our higher education law specialists are […]

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OIA Complaints

OIA Complaints Are you unhappy with the way your university handled your complaint or appeal? If you have attempted to resolve your complaint or appeal within the universities internal procedures, you may be asking: The Office of the Independent Adjudicator (OIA) is an independent complaints body for England and Wales that deals with higher education

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Fitness To practise

Fitness To practise Is your professional future in jeopardy? Has your university instigated fitness to practise proceedings? Read more to find out (i) what fitness to practise cases are and (ii) how our expert education department can help you today. What is the purposes of a fitness to practise policy? Professional bodies, such as the

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PhD Disputes

PhD Disputes A PhD is the highest academic qualification you can obtain in the UK which takes years of hard work , research and dedication. PhD students may face a number of issues during their time at univeristy including: If you are facing any of the above issues, it is important to consider the best

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Student Disciplinary Matters

Student Disciplinary Matters If you have been informed that your university is undertaking disciplinary investigations, you may be asking: What is non-academic misconduct? Universities will set down expected standards of behaviour for all students within their internal policies. If a university believes that a student is in breach of these standards, they may face investigations

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Plagiarism If your university suspects you have committed ‘plagiarism’, you may be searching answers to the following questions: What is plagiarism? Plagiarism is defined by the OIA as ‘presenting someone else’s work or ideas as the student’s own’. This can also include ‘self-plagiarism’ which involves re-submitting a copy of previous work. Universities should make sure

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Academic Misconduct

Academic Misconduct If you have been accused of academic misconduct, you may be asking the following questions: Academic misconduct It is up to the university to determine what is and what is not an offence, but here are a few common academic misconduct examples: It may not matter whether or not you meant to commit

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Academic Appeals

Academic Appeals If you are not happy with your assessment results, you may be asking yourself “what is an academic appeal?” and “how can I appeal my university grades?”. How to appeal An academic appeal is a chance to: The appeal will usually need to be based on a permitted ground of appeal which may

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