Primary and Secondary school

Private School Disputes

Private School Disputes In addition to owing duties to students, independent schools will owe a contractual duty to a child’s parent/carer. Our school dispute lawyers appreciate that parents spend significant amounts of money at private schools and we are committed to helping parents to reach an amicable outcome. Our education law solicitors can help with […]

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School Admission Appeals

School Admission Appeals We understand that parents want the very best for their child; including the best education. If you have been informed that your child did not obtain a place at your preferred school of choice, you may be asking what you can do. Parental Preference Parents must be provided with their preferred school

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School Exclusions

School Exclusions There are a range of penalties that a school may impose on students in response to instances of poor conduct. The most serious and severe sanction a headteacher may set down is permanent exclusion. There are a number of reasons why a student could be excluded including: A headteacher should ensure that a

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School Bullying

School Bullying School bullying can not only prevent a child’s ability to learn at school, but it can result in serious mental health issues that can continue into adulthood. Bullying can come in many forms including: How should schools prevent bullying? In order to reduce instances of bullying arising, your child’s school should have an

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